family is different and looking for certain things in a puppy. I pick each puppy as
best as i can according to the buyers preferences and lifestyle.
picking will not
happen until they are between 3-5 weeks old.
Buyers may get to choose
between two similar puppies (depending on where they are on my list), but
ultimately, I make the decision. I reserve the right to keep 1st or second pick of
each litter, and will
ALWAYS co-own pick male and female. Stipulations of
co-ownership will be explained based on each situation. AKC registration is
additional $30. Registration certificates will be mailed directly to you from AKC.
Each litter will have a name theme and I will come up with a lot of options that
you can choose from. You may give them whatever call-name you like, but will
be registered with our Kennel name and Theme name. Full Registration may not
be available if the puppy is deemed pet quality , and in those cases, will receive
Limited AKC Registration. Full AKC Registration is given upon approval only. In
most cases, puppies are given limited registration, and placed with only the
best family homes as pets and hunting dogs.
Pet Quality: Not Perfect Bite, Fluffy Coat, Mismark, Not Standard Color
(this does not change their ability to be great pets and hunting dogs, but makes them
not desireable for breeding or conformation show)
Limited Registration: means that they are registered, but all offspring cannot be registered

Shipping is available to most major and international airports in the USA

Shipping costs: Health Certificate: $50, Gas Fee: $30, Puppy Crate: $50
All shipping is out of Denver International Airport and through Delta or United Airlines

All puppies are sold at the same price, which is determined
when planning each breeding.

Litters are normally priced between $1000 and $1200