Home to quality German Wirehaired Pointers
with champion field and show pedigrees. Dogs with heart and drive
that can be great family companions, champions in the show ring, and
partners in the field. All of our GWP’s live in our home with our family
and have wonderful pleasing dispositions. They come from fantastic
backgrounds of show and field champions, as well as dual champions.
We also health test all of our dogs, as it is very important to weed out
genetic flaws such as hip dysplasia and heart problems and bad bites.

”AM’s” stands for Anthony & Miranda and we show and hunt all of our
German Wirehaired Pointers.

When we breed a litter, know that it is well planned with disposition,
health, conformation, coat, and possible abilities in mind. When we
combine two lines, we are hoping to produce dogs that are well
balanced and can perform in the show ring, hunt all day, and be the
best family pet.  We are striving to put dogs out there with HEART and
DRIVE- whether that is in finding birds or performance.

We do not breed often, and do not always have puppies available BUT
PLEASE ASK! We might know another quality breeder with good ethics
that might have a litter!

There are so many breeders out there that do not health test, breed their girls on every cycle or
don't do anything with their dogs OTHER THAN BREED. Please choose your puppy carefully, as
GWP's can live UP TO 17+ YEARS! Please visit  your breeder and ASK QUESTIONS! Wirehairs are
not always the best dog for everyone.

We mostly breed for show, pet and the foot hunter. If you have any
questions about anything, please contact us!

Anthony & Miranda Wagoner  970-571-1131

Rocky Mountain Chapter NAVHDA

German Wirehaired Pointer Club of America